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At Avalon Family Care in Madison, AL, We strive to offer a personalized approach to medicine; considering multiple factors when treating a patient. We offer chronic and acute visits for our patients along with aesthetic procedures.

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Avalon Family Care, where patients come first, was established in 2020 by Dr. Zaunklay Finnila. Dr. Finnila hopes that by being a part of the practice, patients feel that they are working as a team with their provider and can take charge of their healthcare experience. Whether you are visiting our med spa for aesthetic procedures such as laser hair removal and HydraFacial treatments or you need chronic and acute treatment, we approach every situation with the same amount of care. Contact us today to make an appointment for any of the services we offer to the Madison, AL area!

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Additional Services

Patient Education Classes

We plan to offer courses to our members that can be taken to help educate patients about common medical concerns &  ways to better manage these concerns in order to live a healthier life.

Aesthetic Medical Procedures

We will also offer a limited number of aesthetic procedures in the near future. As those become available, we will share more information here.

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